Incumbent worker training programs provide funding assistance to businesses to upgrade the skills of their current employees, thereby enhancing their expertise and making their business more competitive, thereby increasing profit. These funds can be used to address changes and/or challenges to your business, including, but not limited to:

  • Declining sales
  • Supply chain issues
  • Adverse industry market trends
  • Changes in management behavior or ownership
  • Phasing out certain functions and/or introducing new functions/lines that require worker retraining
  • Required skill changes that would otherwise result in downsizing and layoffs if not addressed
  • New technology and/or equipment implementation that increase economic competitiveness; and
  • Creation of new employment opportunities that require advance skills and knowledge.

The program reimburses employers for the cost of training their workers, including tuition or instructional costs for courses, class for certification exams, online training, textbooks/manuals, and certification/licensing fees. Participating businesses must provide a minimum matching contribution to the grant funding provided, as listed below:

  • Business with 50 or less employees must match 10% of the training cost
  • Businesses with between 51 and 100 employees must match 25% of the training cost
  • Businesses with more than 100 employees must match 50% of the training cost
  • Wages that are paid to employees for the duration of the training count toward the match requirement as in-kind, fairly evaluated.


Businesses that are interested in the Incumbent Worker Training program must complete an application for funding, detailing their training needs and funding request amount.

Incumbent Worker Training Application
Incumbent Worker Training FAQs
Incumbent Worker Training Policy

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